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Manucci Spirits

Manucci Spirits is the latest addition to the Wild Coyote Winery, which is family owned & operated by Gianni & Kati since 1995. Our initial production is primarily using our own 100% estate grapes (seven varietals) to produce the base Brandy, which we call the Sinful-7.

Grappa... This Brandy spirit is made from the pomace (by product) of our quality estate grapes. Grappa is a slow sipping, crystal clear spirit with an intense, layered, complex, undulated mouth-feel, resulting in a buttered pecan finish and warm after glow . For our infusions "All Natural Ingredients" patience is a virtue; handcrafted in every sense, they impart the beauty of their own individuality, drawing you in closer for a whisper or a scream... You decide. 

Limoncello... Our limoncello is handcrafted from generations old Italian recipe. It is an infusion of locally grown organic lemons zest, steeped in our own distilled brandy. A shot of ice-cold limoncello is traditionally served as the perfect finish to a meal. Just chill the bottle and shake gently before serving."Innocent, Impish & Playful. " The warmth of the summer sun and soothing bright citrus may just transport you to the Amalfi Coast. For serving- Italian style...relax, sip and enjoy after a meal. American style...make a cocktail.

3775 Adelaida Rd.
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Tasting Hours

11 am- 5 pm Fri-Sun + by appointment 


Grappa, Single Oak Barrel Aged Grappa, Limoncello, Pomegranate Infused Brandy, Star Anise Infused Brandy, Espresso Coffee Beans Infused Brandy, Habanero & Garlic Infused Brandy